What You and Your Parents Say

the Parents' Experience

“Every time we leave here he’s so excited because there's so much stuff he wants to do.”

“He’s starting to ask questions he never did before because of this group.”

“What he’s getting out of this is the hardest thing he’s ever had to do, which is to talk to people he doesn’t know. He finds it very rewarding.”

“I’m finally starting to let him go.”


“It’s really helpful to have the support and advice and to learn new things from other parents who are also dealing with the same issues.”

“It’s nice to see how other children think, with all the similarities and differences.”

The Youths' Experience

“Socially, I’ve noticed a change. I’m taking more initiative. I’ve been more assertive. For example, in arranging get-togethers and talking to people in the halls at school.”

“I’m thinking about my independence more and what I want for myself.”

"My relationships at home and school have improved. I am feeling more optimistic about my future."

Career/Work • Further Education • Independence • Relationships