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Dominic's* Story

Dominic is a 20 year old with ASD who had finished high school and, during the Epic Win course, was taking college courses while living at home.  His interests and passions were in playing the guitar and being a fitness trainer.

Dominic came into the Epic Win course self-determined and can solve problems. After the course, Dylan gained higher skills in goal setting and attainment action skills. Now he can better express his goals and take related actions.

Autonomy scores increased from 61% to 71% and Self-regulation from 81% to 90%.

*Name changed to protect identity.


Salena's* Story

Young adult with Aspergers Disorder, living with her grandmother supported by the a support group. Salena is a talented graphic artist and loves to mimic voices. 

The course scores in Self-determination increased from 63% to 69% and Problem solving skills when from 50% to 75%.  

After taking the course, Salena became more self aware of her actual skills especially around making friends. She was more educated on how to assess a social situation.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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